Why legal immigrants deserve our sympathy?

Legal immigration is much harder and requires more sacrifices than crossing the border illegally.

Legal immigrants must present proof of education. Illegals don’t.

Legal immigrants must present proof of professional skills. Not required for illegals.

Legal immigrants pass criminal background check, which illegals obviously skip, and also medical check in a US government authorized (which means expensive) clinic.

Legal immigrants wait for years to win the Green card lottery, or to marry a US citizen, or for any of the other legal ways to come to America. Illegal immigrants come when they please.

Legal immigrants pay all the bills, insurances, Social Security an American pays. Illegal immigrants don’t.

Legal immigrants compete fairly on the job market, with skills and education. Illegal immigrants underbid American workers with a lower price – putting them in a position to never see a pay rise.

While the liberal media is 100% sympathetic to illegals, the legal immigrants don’t receive any attention. We don’t read stories about youngsters who want to marry, but if one of them is not an American, they have to prove with chat logs, photos and videos the truthfulness of their relationship. How humiliating is this? Why our politicians and journalists don’t feel any compassion for people who come here the legal way?

We need to support legal immigrants, face their problems, as we need to attract more qualified labor from all over the World. We need to improve our immigration system to work for the legal immigrants and for our economy. We need to make their path easy and quick, so they can add their skills to our labor force, to help us in the fierce competition with China, South Korea, Japan and other, not-so-politically-correct countries.

Skilled workers, coders, engineers, doctors and scientists want to come to America. We’re keeping them at the door, while it’s wide open for illegal, low-skilled, cheap workers. We are competing with China in high technology, not in lawn mowing. Legal, vetted and selective immigration is the only way to keep America’s leadership in technology, science and innovation, and quality of life. We also have legal immigration programs for farm workers – and media neither talks about these good people.

Our society is being misinformed. We don’t know the real truth, the whole truth, which means we’re being lied to. The media needs to turn their eye on the other aspects of immigration and show support, encourage legal immigration. Instead of advising illegals how to avoid being detained, politicians should advise them how to come in the country legally.

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