The nature of liberal views

There’s no explanation for favoring women over men. No such for favoring people of color over whites. No medical reason for favoring born babies over non-born. No reason behind favoring illegal immigrants, who break the law, and not paying any interest for the struggles of legal immigrants, who follow the law. What’s the rationale behind denying science about gender differences? What’s the science behind banning guns? Global warming seems to be the only point in the liberal narrative that is supported by science. But in every other area, the left prefers ordering, forcing, like if it knows the ultimate truth. The modern left behaves like if it’s some kind of a Central committee, having the full power, and not owing any explanation.

The platform of the modern left has all the signs of a religion. No wonder, opposing opinions are being banned and punished, not discussed or fought with arguments. The banning techniques include not publishing in liberal media, closing accounts in liberals-owned social networks. or shaming – calling your opponent with words like “nazi”. The use of “independent” “institutions”, like ACLU, or South Poverty Law Center, to “oficially” label – and mute – opponents is as shameful, as the misuse of the “fact-checkers” – the new tool to propagate your side of the story.

The new religion denies and punishes scientific facts. Researches about IQ level in different races, crime by race, differences between genders, or problems with immigration are being muted and banned, researchers are being punished, so no more research is done in these, and other sensitive areas. Religion? More like a dictatorship.

The main question is, why does society accept this hysterical behavior, and normalizes it with election support?

When did the idea of mutual respect and equality swing to reverse disrespect and oppression?

Why do so many white people support an ideology that hates them? Why so many men accept the leading role of women, and forgot the idea of equality and mutual respect?

This is some mass delusion of the type of Flat Earth society. Humanity had similar moments in the past, and – bad news for “progressives” – always managed to heal from the insanity. It’s a fever, folks. Came quickly and unexpected, and will go away, before we know it. Politicians from the Democratic party will deny their statements and will blame others for saying what they said. People will forget. California, New York, Illinois, some European countries will wear the scars of their experiments for decades. Texas, Florida, Hungary, Poland will quietly benefit for preserving sanity. The EU will probably go through a major convulsion, as the whole paradigm of governance will have to be revised.

But democracy will prove again to work, and being the best system possible. The US constitution will preserve our freedoms. The basic principles of freedom of speech, equal rights, freedom of private enterprise, innovation will be intact.

They are in danger now.

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