Sawing blindly the air

When you blindly saw the air, you end up hurting friends, and yourself.

The disappointment expressed by Donald Trump in regards of AG Jeff Sessions shows us three things:

Jeff Sessions with Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City, October 7. MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS
  • Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Literally. He’s an inadequate person. Sessions is the most loyal Trump supporter. He first endorsed Trump and introduced him to other Republicans. Hitting him, humiliating Sessions directly, in public – and for the reason of being honest and upright, is gross. And unpractical. This starts a new war, inside the Republican camp. To hell the tax reform. The immigration reform will wait. The restoration of moral values will happen in the distant future. “Making America great again” just won’t happen.
  • The appointment of Sessions was not due to his qualities, to the integrity of his character but to the expectation that he’ll be loyal.  Apparently, the boss expected Sessions to continue to be blindly loyal, no matter what he will be asked to do. All Sessions did was to follow a basic rule: you can’t investigate yourself.
  • Trump cannot operate in a democratic environment. He’s always been the boss, the owner and the center of power. Now he shares power – with Congress, with Senate, with media, with the legal system, with the State Department and soft skills are much more important than knocking on the table and dramatically yelling “I don’t like you. You’re fired”.
  • Donald Trump is about to make a priceless present to the Left. He’ll prove – very loudly and undeniably, as everything he does, that Republicans cannot govern. They don’t have good presidential candidates, they don’t have a political platform and vision for the well-being of America. The failure of their healthcare “reform” only reminded us that they don’t have any idea, any theoretical basis behind their claim to rule this country. God save us if Trump is the holder of the conservative values. And God protect us if these are the conservative values!

Talking about values, Trump has changed his party affiliation five times. A Republican, a member of the Independence Party of New York, a Democrat, a Republican, an independent (no party affiliation) and since April 2012, again a Republican. This man ironically may bear the mission to save our society. The Republican voters want no less than that. If they wanted to get less, they would choose a normal candidate, like Jeff Bush. It seems that no failure can kill their hope. Trump’s approval rating among the conservative voters is almost intact, despite the record-low digits of approval by the general public. But hard work is always rewarded. And our president tries really hard to annoy everyone. He just hit his closest friend.

This is the behavior of a person who doesn’t care. Yeah, the job is difficult, and North Corea, Russia, even his fellow Republicans at home don’t make easier the president’s life. My bet is, we’ll see a resignation.

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