Robin Hood (2018)

This year we had another portion of leftist messages, flowing from Hollywood, California. Superheroes are women, except Spiderman, who’s black. These notes are from another horrible two hours with a Hollywood product. Thanks God, it was a dollar-cinema.

Robin Hood (2018) is a cultural Marxist remix of the tale. The evil guy is a sheriff wearing a Nazi-like leather coat (just like Grindelwald from ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’). He talks about immigrants like a conservative politician of 21 century. Dude, it’s the 15th century, and no one wears Nazi-like leather coats!

Source: Robin Hood Twitter

Grindelwald’s Nazi-like costume makes more sense, because the story happens in 1927, only his words are completely normal, but the authors did everything they could to make them sound bad. Here’s what the worst Evil of 2018 says literally:

“It is said that I hate the non-magiques.” (the Muggles). “I do not hate them. I do not!” – hisses Johnny Depp, blond even in the eyebrows, like an albino. “I say the Muggles are not lesser. Not worthless, but of other value. Magic blooms only in rare souls. It is granted to those who live for higher things.”

Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 2: Image via Facebook

This is supposed to be something really bad. And the words
about magic that follow, are applicable to every talent on Earth. Only rare souls have it. How is this bad? How is this wrong? Sounds to me like a leftist propaganda, without the Diversity element. For people, who want us all equalized, differences are the worst. So one has a logical issue: are differences good or not? Diversity is one of the sacred words of the left. Why is it bad now, coming from under the blond mustache of Voldemort’ 2018?

Back to Robin Hood, although there’s no big difference between it and every other attempt to brainwash the masses. You just grab a story, make the hero a woman, or a POC (person of color), or eventually put a Muslim to be his right hand.

A movie could not be more socialist, more Antifa, more politically correct.
Basically, the evil guy in every movie nowadays talks like a conservative. Hollywood is in direct offensive not against the flaws of society, or against bad people. The attack is against conservatives.

The hoodies of Antifa are here, the bad Christian church is here, evil as in Lenin’s speeches. “Fear is the greatest weapon in God’s arsenal. This is why we created hell” confesses the church official. Remember: we were promised the real story, not a direct stream of the story writers’ political beliefs.

The best bow shooter on earth – as good as a legend can imagine, is re-taught to shoot by a Muslim. Now he can shoot really well. Myriam openly talks about revolution, looking at the sheriff “you created the conditions for it”. And the white sheriff is so evil, the Muslim is “forced” to radicalize and start spitting threats in Arabic. Remember: terrorists are the victims, it’s always someone white who causes the problem. House of Cards made it crystal clear. Every evil is white, and everyone else is a victim.

The chase with chariots and horses is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

Who invests in movies promoting hate in society, especially against the white race, and suggesting socialism as the solution, is beyond my understanding.

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