North Korea, Russia, China and… Trump

This is what we see these days: the last dark kingdom of communism – North Korea, preparing for a final (nuclear) battle, threatening to become the most unstable nuclear power. Their silent, confused patron China. And Russia, who without a doubt has all the interest to facilitate their research and use the North Koreans as a stick to hurt the West. Or you should honest to got believe that the underdeveloped country has developed on its own between thirty and sixty nuclear bombs. India has 75.

And Trump.

America is aligned with its president on this matter but he’s almost a lonely voice in the otherwise noisy room of international political debate. After every rogue act of North Korea we hear only one voice: Trump’s. Or someone from his cabinet. Where’s Europe?

Merkel says EU and Germany should do more to help North Korea crisis. She means sanctions. “The European Union is ready to “sharpen” its policy of sanctions against North Korea following a major nuclear test Sunday, said European Council President Donald Tusk.” Really, Europe? A crazy communist dictator, who killed his brother on plain sight and kills his generals with a machine gun can reach you with a nuke, is threatening you and your best ally with a nuclear bomb, and you are considering only sanctions? Remember, folks: this is the most powerful economy in the world. Not China. Not the US. The EU.

Remember, folks: this is the most powerful economy in the world. Not China. Not the US. The EU.

Yes, one more time the EU behaves like a pus… ok, like a puppy. 150-million Russia, with 1.2 TN GDP (equal to Italy’s), is sneezing in Ukraine, and the 500-million EU, the largest economy in the Wo0rld, with 21 TN GDP gets the flu and hides behind America. Now they are literally numb. They don’t exist. They are so busy with other t h i n g s.

So America, you’re on your own. It would help, in case of a military confrontation, to dispose of all the air force and gunpower, to mute in minutes every North Korean cannon, aiming at the South and targeted at innocent people. But we’re on our own. Europe was very brave against Kadafi. Not that we don’t have the most powerful, most expensive military force in the World. But think about the hundreds of places where this force is needed and asked to step in. Nigeria, Somalia, Syria, Philippines, East Ukraine… The World 911 rings every other day with another hot point, another villain, cult, regime. But this time it’s serious, Europe. This is not your Boko Haram gang of 500 idiots, hiding in the jungle with a rusty AK47. This is a 1 000 000 regular army of 1 000 000 fanatic soldiers. Thousands of cannons aiming at Seul. Uh oh, not the right time to sh*t in your pants, EU. Now is the time to show some guts. I know you forgot what’s this since you didn’t need it for like 60 years but now we need all our allies. I’m not sure we can avoid this battle, folks. We skip this one, we’ll have to fight ten other. And this is not ther right time to capitalize on a trouble your ally is struggling with, presenting an image of yourself as an island of calm and peace.

Next time Trump should not be the only voice asking North Korea to stop, and meaning it.

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