Jeep and these jeeps…

I’m a technical person and clearly understand that Jeep “should be avoided by any wise car buyer”, according to Consumer Reports. But on the other hand, as a society, we are wealthy enough to buy not only clothes that aren’t always practical, but also cars – for fun, regardless of the technical specs. I’m very sympathetic to Jeep’s message – of military style, or just badass. And I can’t see this message in some of their models. Like THIS for example:

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade is a disgrace to the brand's masculine, or bad girl message
A Jeep? Or a shopping cart… Image courtesy of Chrysler corporation.

This is some misunderstanding. Whoever designed this car, should offer the design to the French Renault, or to the Indian Tata, or even give it for free to Chevy, for their youth line, but not to the iconic brand Jeep. The Chrysler corporation must put itself together, and stop mixing brands’ nature and individuality. What were the purpose of killing a unique SUV, the Pacifica, and a decade later revive it as a… van, in the era of SUVs and decline of vans?

Chrysler Pacifica
A van? A modernistic people mover? The good old Pacifica deserved more. Image courtesy of Chrysler corporation.
Chrysler Pacifica
Call me old school but I still feel vibrations for this car. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Jeep Compass

I always feel awkward when I see this car on the street. It’s like a kid, wearing a general’s uniform, but without the cuteness.

jeep, compass, weak,
Despite the effort to make it look more mature, the Compass remains a stranger in the Jeep company of badass cars. Image courtesy of Chrysler corporation.

This generic SUV can belong to many other lines – from Renault to Tata, to FIAT, but its presence in the company of Grand Cherokee only depicts the effort to profit on an established brand – by ruining it.

There clearly is a marketing chaos in the Chrysler company. It’s time to cut these unnecessary models and focus on fewer but better cars. The value of a brand – or company is not measured by how many models you have but how many cars you sell and if these cars add value and create loyalty, or just bring short-term profit, undermining the long-term success. I mean,  if you’re a little negligent about quality and reliability, and your main selling point is the sexiness of the brand, you should be more responsible about what you put under this brand.

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