Personal blogs are so outdated… And still it’s a good idea to have my writings in one place, instead of spilled across the social networks and whatever other platforms I use to say something. So here’s ‘Views’ – a magazine. A conversation.

I’m a journalist and a system engineer. Living in the no man’s land between technology and words. Back in my country, Bulgaria I hosted a radio show about technologies, then it became a TV show. I also used to write about politics and technology, movies are something I love to talk and listen about. Then all this ended when we came to America. My English was rudimentary, so I made my hobby – information technology my work. Seven years later, still clearly conscious of my “Despicable me” – sounding accent and lack of mastership for the English language, I dare to open my mouth, in public, and say what I think of things in my new country. So perfect and good and so cruel and imperfect. And guess what, not many people say what I think we should be talking about. We’re almost silent about the fact that an X-ray in every other rich country costs 5-10 times less than here. Every medical service here is horrendously expensive and I see no one pounding their fist to the table on behalf of the Americans who pay an unbearable bill every year to the healthcare industry – the biggest lobbyist in Washington. Obamacare or not, we’ll keep paying these huge bills because in our healthcare industry the rules of the free market do not apply.

We need republicans who think ahead and embrace new energy sources, electric cars, global warming. We need more conservative democrats, without the hysteria about minorities’ rights and transgender toilets. I mean, this cannot be a priority.

The victory of Donald Trump is a nuclear bomb exploded in the lands of politics, media, sociology, PR. Both parties didn’t want him. Media didn’t like him. Artists and celebrities don’t like him. Polls predicted he’ll lose. Now it’s clear why this happened: deep in the mass mind, the tiredness of the perfidious liberal dictatorship turned to be much gigantic than we expected. Leftists have a long tradition of torturing nations with the best intentions. Europe and here, we witness a healing revolt, and a revolt is never pretty. Nor is Trump, our Brexit of the open World. We slammed the door to immigrants the way Brits did because our citizen was fed up with tolerance to the level to throw up.

This is a readjustment we observe, curious and nervous. This is a time I won’t stay silent.

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