Fast and fun Hobbs and Shaw

For those who don’t know, of forgot, what an action movie is.

This sequel is a new franchise. Cuts every connection to the original, now the show is int he hands of The Rock, and Jason Statham. And is no longer about racing cars.

The movie is extremely entertaining, directed with tight hands, with fresh, fun and natural dialogue. The two leading characters are authentic. The action is mind boggling,except the insane scenes, where a fragile girl beats the hell out of Dwayne Johnson. The Democrat party committee of Hollywood seems to be so powerful, everyone has to pay tribute to feminism and LGBT. It’s sad to see huge stars obeying reckless requirements and do things against base logic and reason.

After we paid tribute to the “progressives”, let’s get back to business.

I hear the movie cost over $200 million and you can see the creators weren’t pressed by budget. The decors and the scenery look natural, despite the huge damage caused by some action scenes.

This is the first movie where Idris Elba acts naturally. I always had a problem with this aggressively promoted “star”, because he’s just not good in acting. Just like Peter Dinklage. I’m sure they are great people, and do their best, but it’s so visible they are not good actors! So the wonder is happening for Elba this time. He is not super-convincing, still acts like a 2nd class actor, but better than ever before. I mention this, because there’s not much to say about Johnson and Statham – they are as always filling the screen with stamina and confidence in every scene. I think Johnson is a much better actor than my idol Arnie Schwarzenegger, and I have a lot of sympathy for the intelligent way he drives his career (just remember Pain & Gain, among all the other beautiful movies he’s being part of).

The last 30 minutes visibly lose speed and intensity, like if the director went to the star actress’ RV, and left the action in the hands of his assistant. But in overall, you’ll feel like this is the first action movie you see.

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